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Do your staff feel disgusted by their work environment? Working in a dirty, unsafe environment can really put a damper on your employees’ moods, especially because they end up spending more time at work than at home. So, you, as the employer, need to make sure that there are effective processes in place and that effective building materials are installed.

For safety reasons, read over the tips below:

Prevent slips, falls and trips

  • Select adequate flooring, such as ceramic tiles or cement
  • Provide warning signs for when the floor is wet
  • Keep floors water, oil and grease free
  • Put away all cleaning tools
  • Ensure debris is cleaned right away
  • Keep all cords out of the way

Prevent fires

  • Assign a safe storage area for all combustible materials
  • Store flammable materials away from ignition sources
  • Keep fire escapes and passageways free of obstructions
  • Inform employees that all electrical hazards should be reported and dealt with right away

Minimise dust

Prevent the spread of germs

  • Make sure effective anti-bacterial cleaning agents are used to clean door handles, keypads, counter tops, computer mouses, etc.
  • When it comes to the kitchen, either make sure that employees wash their own dishes, or select a specific time where a domestic cleaner cleans all the dishes.