Aircons have become a necessity these days; from offices to home we are under the spell of air conditioners. We are used to services of air cons and when they conk of, it becomes difficult to spend time at home due to the heat and humidity. Air con problems in offices can be devastating to the productivity of the employees hence you need to take care of your aircon regularly so that the functioning is uninterrupted. We are good at aircon repair hence corporate and individuals hire us for our services.

General service of aircons will increase the life of the equipment

Aircons need general servicing every quarter so that all the dust that it accumulates is cleaned. You have the option of dry cleaning, water cleaning and chemical cleaning. Chemical cleaning is better and expensive than the earlier two option as in this is nothing but it is dismounted and cleaned with chemical solution so that every spick of dust is removed and it prevents the growth of bacteria and other viruses. If you have kids sleeping in aircon then chemical cleaning every 6 months is essential. Our company is good at aircon chemical wash and other methods of cleaning.

Chemical wash of aircons will clear the aircon of any dust particles that hampers its function

Prior to giving you an understanding on what could be the reason behind the nonfunctioning of the aircon, we run multiple tests so that we can start the diagnosis and find a solution. Some of the common problems aircons faces are lack of air pressure, cluster of dirt and filth covering the air filters and finally the filling of coolant liquid. If your aircon is old it needs air pressure check as aircons with poor air pressure attract more electricity to run the filters. Commercial establishments need support from good at aircon servicing agencies often as the aircons there are used heavily hence becoming susceptible to break down and lack of cooling. They have pores that send the cool air out and when an aircon isn’t serviced for sometimes the pores get filled with dust and prevent the cool air from releasing. Chemical cleaning of your aircon will clear all the dirt that is blocking the air. It is mandatory that aircons are chemically cleaned once a year so that the power consumption and cool air dispersal isn’t hampered.

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